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' Nri is the ancestral home of all Igbos. It is an ancient Igbo city state in Anambra state. The reign of the Kingdom began in 900BC '                                 Nri Kingdom, 1879 The air smells of mud. Her stomach rumbles like the fridge at home. God, she misses home! She couldn't tell how long she has been bound in this barbaric era. Her ankles and wrists are covered with blisters. She remembers how it all began... _          _            _           _           _        _ Greater Heights College, 2019 SS3A was a beehive. Students dressed in red and white buzzed excitedly as they exchanged gifts with whomever they'd picked from the shuffled paper yesterday. It was the way the school celebrated Valentine.  Adaeze stood at the entrance of the Chemistry laboratory wondering if she should knock or not. Today was Chinedu's birthday; the boy she's been crushing on since the beginning of the term and with Cupid being on her side she picked his name. Taking a dee…
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" Life without love is like a tree without blossoms of fruit. Love is life "

Published by Brittle paper, the thirty five stories in this beautiful anthology reminds us that love is possible despite the ugly challenges that plague the life of an African.

Most times we are broken and scarred by the ones we cherish. This can be read in stories like Tochi Eze's When the Silence Came and Sibbyl Whyte's Two Minutes.

Somi Ekhasomhi's Roses and Monique Kwachou's Change of Reaction reminds us of the vulnerability of love and how being afraid to lose it can make us become ugly versions of ourselves.

Yet, stories like Joe Okonkwo's Brushstrokes, Ciru Njugana's Brews of Abstract Attractions affirms that love is beautiful especially when felt with the right person.

Writer's Crush Wednesday

Based on this month's read ' Love Stories from Africa', my WCW goes to the five writers whose stories I enjoyed reading in the collection. P.S: The review will be up on Saturday. #AfrikReaderdomReadingChallenge


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We will not be able to continue with our monthly book discussion. This is due to the fact that majority of us are not committed.
However, I've created a reading challenge you can choose to join. It would help you become intentional in your reading, read books you would otherwise not read etc
After reading, you could choose to share your reviews, discussion questions to this group.

If you have any questions, let me know.  Download challenge here .